Bridge of Weir, Testing, girl testing leather samples in the laboratory

Bridge of Weir, Testing, detail of leather sample and the testing machine

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The Caledonian and Grampian stock ranges are manufactured to comply with the requirements of international leather performance specification ISO BS EN 13336. Representative samples of Bridge of Weir Leather, when independently tested, have satisfied the requirements of BS EN 1021 Part 1 (Cigarette Test) and Part 2 (Match
Test); Schedule 4 part 1 Cigarette Test and Schedule 5 part 1 Match Test (modifications of BS 5852:Part 1) of the Furnishings Fire Safety Regulations 1988 Amended 1989 and 1993.

In addition, representative samples of the Caledonian and Grampian ranges, when tested by an independent laboratory, have been found to satisfy the requirements of ignition source (crib) 5 when used in conjunction with the appropriate combustion modified foam.

Bridge of Weir Leather Co. Ltd., is a British Standards Institute registered firm meeting the requirements of Quality System BS EN ISO 9001.

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