Bridge of Weir, Waste Water, shots of the waste water treatment facilities at BoW

Bridge of Weir, Waste Water, close up of the water

> Waste Water Management

The pure, soft Scottish water used in our leather manufacturing process is a precious commodity, and we take
great efforts to protect it. Substantial investment has provided us with one of the most advanced effluent treatment
plants in the UK. As a result we have been able to increase production capacity whilst greatly reducing the
environmental impact of our operations.

Our waste water is discharged directly to the effluent plant and subjected to a series of pre-treatment operations,
including filtering for lime and chrome, catalytic sulphide oxidation and general balancing. Primary treatment then
separates out particulate matter and clarifies the effluent. Secondary biological treatment, using the activated sludge
process, further reduces the organic loading in the effluent prior to discharge to the sewer.

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