Bridge of Weir, Tanning Agents, detail of the blues and the tanning drum

Bridge of Weir, Tanning Agents, detail of the the hides

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Modern tanning, whether it uses mineral or organic agents, is remarkably efficient and environmentally friendly.
Our 'wet blue' hides are produced by tanning with trivalent chromium salts, an industry standard method for the
manufacture of quality hides. Very little chromium actually enters our tannery waste waters, but that which does can
be recycled or reused to prevent its discharge to the environment.

In response to consumer awareness and customer demand, Bridge of Weir Leather Company Ltd has pioneered
the development of alternative approaches to tanning. Approximately one-third of our production capacity is now
based upon an organic tanning system that uses a bark extract from Black Wattle trees.This extract comes from
African forests that are commercially managed on a 10-year cycle of ecological growth and harvest.

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