Bridge of Weir, Specifications, leather sample being tested, finished leather and car seat detail

Bridge of Weir, Specifications, brown and grey leather swatches

Bridge of Weir, Specifications, red leather swatches

> Specifications for the Caledonian & Grampian Ranges

Minimum Performance Standards
Test Method
Colour fastness to rubbing  

Staining and colour change:
Dry              1000 cycles, Min 4 grey scale
Wet             500 cycles, Min 3 grey scale 
Perspiration  100 cycles, Min 4 grey scale


EN ISO 11640/ISO 11641
Perspiration solution as
defined in ISO 11641

Colour fastness to light   Min 6 blue scale   ISO 105-B06/ cond.3
Cold crack resistance to finish   < -30°C (no finish cracks)   EN ISO 17233:2002
Finish adhesion   Min 5 N/10mm
Min 2 N/10mm
  ISO 11644 Dry adhesion
                Wet adhesion
Burning  behaviour   Max 75mm/min ISO 3795
Flexing endurance   100,000 cycles (no finish cracks)   EN ISO 5402:2002 
Tear strength Tear strength


Min 35N
Min 25N
  Method 6 of BS 3144: 1968
EN ISO 3377-1:2002
Fogging Min 90%    STD 1027.21711-3
Resistance to blocking   Specimens shall separate without lifting the
weight and there shall be no visible damage
to the surfaces.


BS 3434: Part 11
Tension strength & elongation   Min 12 N/mm²
Between 35% to 60%
  ISO 3376
Colour fastness to water spotting   Not worse than slight damage
  EN ISO 15700
Abrasion   2000 cycles/CS 10/500gr
No rupture of the leather finish
  ISO 5470
Heat shrinkage   Max area change 5% @ 168h ± 0.5 at 93°C ± 2°C  
EN ISO 17227
Migration staining   Min 4 grey scale   EN ISO 3377-1

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